Baby Jewellery, S. L. is a company founded in 2007 by Miguel Muñoz Garrido after a long experience of 30 years in international jewellery business. The owner of the company has already been exhibiting in the most important international fairs in the World like Vicenza, Basel, Las Vegas, Hong Kong etc.

The company is based in Cordoba, in the Jewellery Park of the city and at the moment has around 15 employers. The export department is formed by experts in export jewellery business, speaking French and English and with a long experience in this field.

Our many business line is manufacturing of commercial jewellery: mostly stamped golden earrings, although we have also a big range of pendants, bracelets, piercings, rings, etc. Our collection has around 2000 models. We make any carat, from 8 to 19k for the different markets.
Main earrings ranges are: plain gold, enamel, bicolour, tricolour, cz studs, pearls etc.

Despite the short trajectory of the company we export to many different countries like: England (30 % total sales), France, Holland, Israel, Canada, South-Africa, Australia, Mexico etc.
At the moment we sale to the most important wholesalers in these markets.

100% of our sales are for foreign markets, making around 150000 pieces of jewellery per year.

For the next years, our objective is exhibiting in Vicenza Fair and Las Vegas Show.